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Have you wondered to yourself, “How the heck do people get to 10k followers?”

Unfortunately, it will never happen overnight unless you spend money buying followers which I 100% DO NOT recommend. I’ll talk about this later in tip 10.

The hard-cold truth is, it’s a slow growth in the beginning but if you follow these tips and spend a portion of your time daily… you will get there, I promise!

1. Instagram Algorithm plays a big part

Instagram has recently changed their algorithm to give smaller accounts the chance for more exposure. By posting at least 3 times a week, and 10 stories a day, your account will be shown more to your followers. Another thing you can incorporate, which will be taking some getting used to is REELS! I personally am not huge on reels, but if you find out you like it and are good at it I highly recommend posting them 3 times a week. Besides this, use hashtags, longer captions, and more photos per post.

2. Snowball effect

Once you hit over a certain number of followers (let’s say 10k followers) it becomes a “snowball effect” and more and more users will find you on Instagram and your growth will rise exponentially! It takes time and effort to get to 10k but once you’re there, it’s all uphill. But REMEMBER- do not pay for these followers, it will backfire in the long run.

3. Have a niche

Having a clear audience that you are targeting is very important so that you aren’t all over the place with your content. People will want to come to your profile and check out your posts if it’s targeted towards them and it also gives them more reason to follow you!

If you’re a realtor, you want to target future home buyers and sellers and so your content needs to be focused on them by educating, entertaining, and inspiring them!

That’s why we focus on creating content that both educates on the home buying and selling process, and is fun by incorporating home decor, organization tips, funny real estate posts, and editable posts based on your location to show you know your city best!

4. Optimize Instagram bio

Optimizing your Instagram bio is a step you don’t want to miss. Check out this photo below to understand how to optimize your bio. Keep it clear and concise and get to the point!


The Instagram algorithm calls for more Instagram stories. Posting at least 5 but preferable 10 throughout the day is key, and it does NOT have to be perfect! Keep it fun, and incorporate games like “would you rather?” or post a day in the life! People love to watch vlog like stories, it’s entertaining and they get some insight into what your day is like. Posting more stories, will get your profile icon to show up more on the top of the Instagram feed and get you more traffic to your page. I have tried this out myself, and my story views have tremendously increased.

6. Be Social, network network network

Simply posting on your Instagram unfortunately is not enough if you want to gain an audience. It’s crucial to be interacting with new followers, and even to those who already follow you so that they are here to stay! ‘Like’ everyone’s posts, respond to ALL comments on your posts (even if they comment one word, reply with an emoji’ and comment on others posts as well. A bonus tip is to respond to stories! Be a human and interact like a human. This will help you build trust and loyalty to your followers. If someone is always around, you’re going to remember them! So don’t post then ghost!

7. Consistently post

STAY CONSISTENT! Keep posting every day to your feed, but never more than once a day. If you post more than once it will feel like spam rather than quality content. Also, caption your posts creatively and make it feel like you are having a conversation.

Coming up with content, and captions is HARD. I get it! That’s the WHOLE reason I created The Aesthetic Realtor. I wanted to help other realtors with their content so they can spend more time networking and showing homes. It’s the best investment!

8. Show yourself!

Show off yourself, and get personal!

Take a day out the month and grab a friend to take TONS of photos of yourself in different outfits, and in different places.

As a realtor, remember you have access to homes that are for sale and can use them if you need somewhere to take photos! Or find a local coffee shop if you are okay with taking pictures in public. Taking the day to do this will set you up with lots of photos to use all month long.

9. Use relevant hashtags

I use hashtags on EVERY single post, but I make sure it’s relevant to what I’m posting about. Just from hashtags alone, I can get 100+ people seeing my post that wouldn’t have before. Just make sure to put it in your comment section so it doesn’t look like you’re spamming your audience by having it in the main caption.

10. Understand numbers aren’t everything, quality > quantity

Now is when I’m going to get into WHY you shouldn’t buy followers. Please just don’t do it! I see companies all the time who have over 100k followers, yet they have the same amount of likes and interaction on their posts as someone who has 2000 followers. You do not want to be the person who has fake followers. When you pay an app to get you followers, those followers aren’t real most of the time or they have no interest in what you’re doing so in the long run it doesn’t do anything for your brand or business.

Our membership is a great tool-kit for Realtors looking to up their social media game. We provide you with content so that you can stay on top of posting every day, hashtags to get your engagement up, and long and educating captions so people know you’re on your game. Plus Facebook covers, Instagram stories, postcards, highlight covers, buyers guide, and more!

Click HERE to get started for only $23/ month.

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