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What to Do in 2024 on Instagram as a Real Estate Agent

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STOP posting only "for sale" and "sold" posts

Although you should celebrate and share your wins with the world, try giving your audience more juicy details. Real estate is a roller coaster career with ups and downs so share the details of how you accomplished your home sale.

Try adding a story time to your caption or including it in your post, remember people LOVE authenticity

Use Instagram to grab cold leads, but use email marketing to nurture and convert

Instagram is where Realtors should come to find new leads- think cold calling but through the comments and DM’s. Be engaging and comment on other business's posts such as local restaurants, beauty spas, other local agents, etc

Once you get them to provide you with their email, (by offering a freebie) or a home estimate then you need to set up email campaigns to convert them into clients. (Freebies such as this one above found in our member dashboard!)

Use SEO keywords in your captions and go for length and value

People are using Instagram and TikTok more as search engines, this is why you need keywords in your captions that relate to your posts such as "How much money do I need to buy a home".

TIP: Providing meaningful long captions with your reels allows for a longer watch time, which shows that it's a popular post and therefore will be shown to more people

Lastly, leverage a real estate content membership to outsource and save time

Ditch the headaches and confusion about what you should be posting as a Realtor and start using a content membership. You can spend more of your time engaging with your followers and creating email campaigns instead of brainstorming and creating content for Instagram

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Join Our Real Estate Content Membership Club for Only $30/month

  • Captions with keywords

  • 30 days of posts

  • Reel ideas and done-for-you videos

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