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30 Days of Content Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

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Day 1: Give a monthly to-do list for around the house (donate clothes, get ready for back to school, etc..)

Day 2: Give ideas on how to stage an extra room

Day 3: Tweet-style post explaining that building equity is a marathon and not a sprint. Although it may fluctuate daily, your equity will build over time

Day 4: Share 4 recent home design trends

Day 5: Explain why a seller's disclosure is the "holy grail" for buyers

Day 6: Give examples of questions some people may be afraid to ask you and answer them

Day 7: Give a list of events happening this month in your city

Day 8: Tell your audience how modern agents are doing things differently (not pushing sales, better marketing, etc...)

Day 9: Share a video of your morning routine or a day in the life

Day 10: Play a game of "Guess the average downpayment" for first-time buyers & repeat buyers (Hint: Currently 6% and 13%)

Day 11: Share how your past clients are loving homeownership!

Day 12: Give tips on how to appeal your home to millennials

Day 13: Give the best date night spots in your city

Day 14: Give current statistics of the housing market (find on

Day 15: Share the most binge-able Netflix home design shows

Day 16: Inspire your audience with budget-friendly renovations for when they're feeling bored with their home

Day 17: "When is It time to revisit your wants vs. needs list?" (after viewing more than 10 homes)

Day 18: Explain that it's not bad luck your home isn't selling and give insight on why it may be taking a while to sell

Day 19: Give ideas on how to make your home feel like a wellness retreat

Day 20: Give a list of home upgrades that are worth it when building a home

Day 21: Share fun facts about yourself (things people would want to know- dig deep!)

Day 22: Share your favorite interior design IG accounts to follow

Day 23: Engage your audience by asking them which room in their house is their favorite

Day 24: Spill the tea on what first-time home buyers need to know

Day 25: Share what's "coming soon" to your city (new restaurants, bars, activities)

Day 26: Share a unique listing in your city

Day 27: Give tips on how to keep your home fresh with pets

Day 28: Inform on what to splurge on and what to save on when renovating

Day 29: Share the #1 reason stopping people from buying a home

Day 30: Give a freebie! Use one of our marketing guides as a tool to attract potential clients

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