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How Personal Branding Helps You as an Agent

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

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People connect with people over businesses and that's a known fact. To get strangers to follow, trust, and later buy (or in this case use your service) from you, you need to create a personal brand that's reflective of who you are and what you offer

The one thing that makes you different from every other agent in this country, is YOU *gasp*

So use it to your advantage my dear friends!

Here are some tips on how to get started on branding yourself and converting followers to warm leads

Start With a Branding Photoshoot
Nothing says professional and inviting like some high-quality and playful branding photos. I'm sorry to say it, but it's 2023, and the boring stagnant headshots we once used in real estate are OUT. When you book a photographer, I recommend you find someone who specializes in self-branding for business owners because they'll know how to get your personality to SHINE through your photos.

Bring a few outfits to change into as well so your photos can look like they were taken on different days. The best part is these photos can then be used over and over throughout your real estate social media pages (especially IG!) and are the perfect complement to our real estate templates. Trust me, it's an investment that will pay off (and it's a write-off, duh)

Be Consistent
Building a brand takes time, but also takes consistency in both the amount of times you post and the content you're posting. Social media can be time-consuming, but I'll be honest- you don't need to post on the gram every single day. It might be beneficial and a better long-term strategy to post twice a week and utilize stories at least 4 times a week.

When posting content- stay away from random real estate graphics you found online through Google search or on Pinterest. They're most likely outdated and not very easy on the eyes and are in no way reflective of you! Instead, create content that reflects your personality... do you love your city and all it has to offer? Collaborate with local restaurants and shops and new openings and share your favorite places with your audience. Remember your content doesn't have to be about real estate 24/7

real estate templates, realtor graphics, real estate branding

Having a cohesive look to your content helps, along with showing your face in most of your posts to build a connection. We LOVE to see our members use our content with their own branding photos- they always do better and get higher engagement than the posts that use the basic photos.
This is a great example of how you can plug in your own photo to our templates!

Be Personable
Listen- we're happy for all your achievements and all the homes you've sold but when that's the only thing we see from you it's *boring*

We want to see the raw and authentic you- show us your personal life and the struggles you had today, and give us VIP access to behind-the-scenes of Realtoring. Your target audience on Instagram is a younger crowd, and they love the funny jokes, the incorrect grammar, and the slang terms. Social media is meant to be FUN, so please have fun with it and don't be scared to be yourself. Letting go and showing up can be scary, I get it, but as soon as you do you'll start to see a bigger reaction and engagement

When I was an agent years ago, I always had Instagram down to a T. It was the fun part for me and I wanted every agent to be able to use their Instagram the way I was. I built Aesthetic Realtor to help other Realtors brand themselves and provide meaningful content that they can use alongside their own ideas. Now we have hundreds of members who love to use our membership to help them save time when it comes to brainstorming content ideas and creating graphics on Canva

We'd love to have you as part of the club! Sign up at and use code "NEWMEMBER15" for 15% off all plans

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