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Download Film Boyka Undisputed 3


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 . . brutally and sadistically treated by the warden, Vantazh. Gorgon and his men torture and kill several of the prisoners, including Smith's cell-mate. When Boyka is forced to drink a flask containing a noxious drug, he is transformed into an insane, monstrous creature who kills the entire prison staff, steals the warden's car and drives to a nearby school where he then attacks and kills dozens of students. . . . The film was released in 2011, making it the third in the . . . Undisputed series . . . The film is loosely based on the story of Joe Louis Walker's transformation to "The Bronx Bull" from 1934 to 1936. An interesting part of the movie is that the writer and director Isaac is also an amateur boxer. Plot In 1989, Joe Lewis (Leonard Earl) is a decorated boxer, champion of the world and loved by his fans and family. In an interview he says that he wants to retire and only train young boxers. He travels around the world as the champion, visiting schools and his native city of Philadelphia. At a basketball game he meets a former boxer, a cop, and a jazz musician named Rockey. He also meets the boy's aunt, who says that his parents are dead and that he is looking for his father. Lewis then finds a man who knows where his father is, but tells him that he only knew him as "The King". They go to a bar, where Lewis begins to drink. On the way back to his hotel Lewis and Rockey get into a fight, and Rockey injures his nose. Lewis and Rockey drive to a bar where the jukebox is playing a song by a rapper named B-Rad. B-Rad gives Lewis his card. Lewis meets Ray Ray (Salim Grant), a rapper who also wants to be a boxer. Ray Ray tells Lewis that his mother is a prostitute, but he doesn't know where she is. In the end, Lewis realizes that she is in a house full of girls and that they are prostitutes. He gets mad at Ray Ray and they fight. At the end of the fight, Lewis realizes that he has trouble controlling his temper, and he does not want to lose control again. A documentary about a prison called Gorgon shows the story of the prison that imprisoned Ray Ray. The warden is Vantazh (




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